vendredi 27 juin 2014


Pour mon examen de fin d'année j'ai joué "Clair de Lune", le troisième mouvement de la Suite bergamasque qui a été composé  en 1890 par Claude Debussy.  Vidéo d'une des dernières répétitions :

2 commentaires:

Bethany Hissong a dit…

That's SO good!!! Mr. Hissong and I were sitting here listening to you play, and he couldn't believe that you memorized that whole piece (actually, I can't either!). It is truly amazing to see where you are today when it just seems like yesterday that you started to play the piano. I think you are a genius! I do love "Claire de Lune" a lot too... the title fits you perfectly! ;) Thank you for sharing and giving us a little concert this evening!

Clara a dit…

I don't know what to say, you are too nice! I must memorize the whole piece for the audition :) Thank you very much to you and Mr. Hissong for taking the time to listen to me!